About Me!

Hello, my name is Josephine! The face and hands behind each individual piñata that so many of you have grown to love over the year (Singular). I am a one lady operation who runs every department of this mini piñata gig (from designing, prepping, assembling, packaging, marketing and the delivery person when needed).

Born and raised in Vancouver B.C. I am an avid (self-taught) crafter who loves to dabble in everything artsy and creative. If I can put something together, I am all over it.
Some of my top favorite artsy mediums include but not limited to; balloon art, polymer clay and of course piñata making.

Never in my life, did I think Piñatas were going to end up being my saving grace through the pandemic. I was able to redirect my energy and transform it into something more creative.

Fun Fact: I considered the name "Pandemic Piñatas".
Umm no thank you! Not everything has to rhyme or start with the same letter Josephine.

I am an Aquarius monkey, meaning I cannot voluntarily focus on one task (or any tasks). I have been described by those who know me as “extremely balls to the wall” (all out, maximum effort) about things I am interested in otherwise good luck getting my attention. I’ve worked on piñatas for over 15+ hours straight, so yea I would say I am mildly interested in making piñatas.

Over the years, while watching crafter videos on YouTube, and going to craft shows every possible opportunity I get, I dreamt of starting my own small creative business and having my own online shop with all my creations. Hey Look Ma, I Made It! ❤

About Vancouver Piñatas

"Once upon a quarantine during a great pandemic, Vancouver Piñatas came into our lives"

...like a fairytale with a tragic beginning, there certainly was a happily ever after

Vancouver Piñatas started when I was on the search for fun gifts for my quarantine birthday friends. Like everyone else who can't find what they want, they went out and made their own
Everyone who received a piñata encouraged me to share it with the rest of the world, so here I am today with more piñata supplies in my room than space available.. 

May 15th 2020 was the day I first put myself out there on Facebook and shared my creations with the world. The responses were overwhelmingly positive and so many online groups were so supportive and purchased my (somewhat ghetto) piñatas at the time. It is indeed a vulnerable feeling sharing your own personal creations with others and I wasn't sure if I was ready at the time to do so. However, I am here to tell you today, it is true what they say, there is never a good time, the time is now! If you have big plans and dreams, just go for it.     

Go on, time to live your own piñata dream.