About Me!

Vancouver Pinatas

Avid Crafter | Paper Artisan | Balloon Twister | Art + Party Enthusiast 

My Name is Josephine and I am the face and hands behind Vancouver Piñatas. Piñatas surprisingly was not my first craft interest. I dabbled in a lot of different crafts in my time, with polymer clay sculpting and Balloon twisting as my most recent ones. I had to move on from both crafts because of c.a.r.p.a.l  t.u.n.n.e.l L I do occasionally balloon twist for family and friends or special events.

Vancouver Piñatas started like most small businesses today – due to the pandemic. A bitter sweet word for me because as much as it turned my world upside down for a while, it also created a new path for me that I would have otherwise never discovered. When I first started making piñatas, I had no direction and not sure where to even start.

My hopes and dreams for my piñatas moving forward is to continue giving delivery boxes a second life and turning them into fabulous piñatas that will bring all the smiles to your celebrations and parties.

As seen on https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/vancouver-pinatas!