Vancouver Piñata Size Options

Mini Piñatas (3" - 7" x 1.5"):

Discover the charm of our Mini Piñatas, ranging from 3" to 7" in length and height (size varies by design), with a slender width of 1.5 inches. Perfect for adding a touch of festivity to any occasion! Please note: All piñatas in our catalog are Mini Piñatas unless otherwise specified.

El Medio Piñatas (8" - 11" x 3"):

Meet El Medio, a lesser-known gem in the piñata world! Sized between 8" and 11" with a width of 3", these piñatas combine the petite appeal of Mini Piñatas with the smashing excitement of their larger counterparts. The perfect choice for those seeking a unique and exciting piñata experience.

Jumbo Party Piñatas (12"+):

Experience the thrill of our Jumbo party sized Piñatas, the epitome of SMASHINGLY SATISFYING fun! These larger-than-life piñatas are designed to take your festivities to new heights, providing a thrilling experience for guests of all ages.

Standard options include, but not limited to:

  • 12" x 15" x 4"

  • 16" x 19" x 4"

  • 20" x 24" x 4"

  • and larger!

Dare to dream bigger? If you crave anything beyond our standard sizes, feel free to reach out, and we'll turn your piñata dreams into reality.