Hysterical Holidays Collection

You know the feeling... the name of this collection basically describes how most of us feel right up until December 24th and perhaps even the morning of the 25th for the rest of us.

Christmas just creeps up on you and BAM, its finally here. I TOLD MY SELF I WOULD START EARLIER AND DO BETTER THIS YEAR! (psssst… that's your first resolution of next year without it even being NYE)

Oh boy, it's Christmas already and I have to shop for gifts again? What? and it can't be the same one as last year? But it was such as perfect gift! Maybe they could use a newer one? They have everything already though? Yea sis I feel you!


What makes a gift perfect?

First of all, that's extremely subjective. If you haven't seen the video of "Boy gets avocado or Boy gets banana for Christmas" go on Youtube and check it out. That would be like our own Christmas gift to hand out such simple and nutritious gifts and receive the same reaction as those wee lads.

Unless you are that person who remembers everything your friend mentioned they wanted throughout the year (I know that's not me), I can let you in on some of my secrets to gifting like a pro.


Here's my quick guide to What-to-buy-for-my-friends-when-I-don't-remember-what-they-asked-for-or-my-friend-has-everything-already.

  1. Handmade - hello beautiful one of a kind personalized gift that no amount of money can buy. You can make it, or if you don't trust yourself, support a local business. Plus, is your choice of friend someone who bashes on others creativity or efforts? if not even better. 
  2. Recyclable - If you are going to give someone crap, I mean a gift, at least save the world when you do it by making sure it's recyclable. That means no landfill products, just top of the line crap that disintegrates easily. 
  3. Gift card - It's not unthoughtful or lame, if you are paying for them to shop at their favorite store for any items of their choice. Just pair it with some smaller gifts. It's not like you pulled money out of your wallet, you actually went to the store to pick up that gift card (that totally counts). Unless you want went to an ATM, just make sure you also put your money withdrawal receipt with the money to prove you went out of your way for those crisp bills and shiny coins.
  4. Inside Joke - I love a good laugh that's priceless. Give them something that may jog their memory of a moment that you both shared. Now pair it with a gift card (I love gift cards) TAH-FLIPPING-DAH. 
  5. Avoid Clutter: No more small kitchen items, they do not need a christmas themed whisk and baking set when they have a basic year round set that does the job. Do not buy them something they may possibly have already.

Okay so you are a little bit extra and you are thinking you want to check all the boxes on my secret list. You want something thats handmade, recyclable, can contain a giftcard, a funny inside joke and does not create clutter in your friends life.

What are friends for if I don't tell you about mini pinatas and how amazingsauce they are as Christmas gifts. They check everything off my gift giving guide:

  • I hand cut, assemble, package every single one of them by myself.
  • They are recyclable down to the confetti (super duper honesty time, I also have foil confetti from I got carried away and bought too much)
  • Absolutely perfect for giftcards, in fact I design all my pinatas around the size of a gift card. They just make gift cards that much cooler and whatever else you decide to throw in there.
  • They are the punniest puniatas ever and if you 
  • I have heard this way too many times " I don't want to break my pinata open, but I have no room to display it". Now you know why they are small with a pull tab!

PS. they come in these mini boxes that you can gift wrap to make it look like your traditional gifts. 

It's the ultimate gift inception, open up your present to see a piñata, open up your piñata to see the rest of your gift! How exciting! BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!!!

Also this Christmas blog is not too early...I was at the store last month shopping for Halloween candy while looking at Christmas products. I am good.


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