Hooray Mini Piñatas!


    The MOST frequently asked question I get when folks purchase piñatas is... – “What should I fill it with?”  Well my friends, don’t fret! I know tha...
  • Happy First Birthday Vancouver Piñatas (aka Discount Code: HBDVP1)

    Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday dear Vancouver Piñatas, Happy Birthday to me! I have determined that May 15th 2020 to be...
  • Mini Yet Mighty Pinatas!

    Don't underestimate its power due to its size... You may be in for a surprise!
  • Mini Piñatas = BEST GIFT EVER!

    OK, but the real question here is who would be the perfect piñata recipient to this best gift ever?
  • Hysterical Holidays Collection

    You know the feeling... the name of this collection basically describes how most of us feel right up until December 24th and perhaps even the morni...