Happy First Birthday Vancouver Piñatas (aka Discount Code: HBDVP1)

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday dear Vancouver Piñatas, Happy Birthday to me!

I have determined that May 15th 2020 to be the birth of Vancouver Piñatas. It wasn’t real to anyone (including myself) until I put it out to the universe (social media).

That is the date I made my first advertising post about my piñatas on Facebook (Oh how young, naïve and innocent those piñatas looked, fresh off the craft table, they all have a look of uncertainty, not sure who they really are yet and giving off strong “what am I doing here? Vibes”). I remember after putting the post up, I went for a workout and I could not focus to save my life. I kept checking my phone for private messages, comments, likes and whatever notifications that may come from the post. I was so nervous!!!!

Prior to posting, I was with my bestie on the phone forever and she kept saying “do it, do it, do it, trust me, just do it”. I got her to proofread my caption and look at everything three times, I hit “post now” with a trembling finger and the rest is history.

Fun fact: Both East Van Cross and Hopeless Ramen-tic were the hotcakes of the designs and they were flying off the shelves. Shortly afterwards, Bravocado (Grad avocado) became the new fave.

Pssst...first post on Instagram was on May 12th 2020, but that was a "test the water" post, doesn't really count! The magic was only building at the time.

So to celebrate “Vancouver Piñatas” first birthday, I am going to offer 15% off all products on my site starting May 15th 2021 (11:36am) – May 17th 2021 (11:59pm). Please use code HBDVP1 to claim discount (https://www.vancouverpinatas.com/discount/HBDVP1)

I will also be throwing in a exclusive first birthday memorabilia

***Please note that depending on popularity, expect a two to three week turnaround time for orders placed during the Vancouver Piñatas 1st Birthday event.

Great time to order some piñatas for upcoming special days! 



Read on to see my first Facebook Piñata post EVER on May 15th 2020

Do you have a friend’s birthday coming up, do you have a little one who has been exceptionally good and deserve a little reward? Do you want to surprise them with a fun one of a kind gift? Check out these environmentally friendly handcrafted pinatas.

I recently started making pinatas for my quarantine birthday friends and they told me the greatest gift to them was for me to start sharing my pinatas with the world (okay not their exact words, but they did encourage me to share my new craft).

I present to you my pinatas at a special deal. Currently at $15 each unfilled. Fully functional trap door for you to fill with everything that fits.

Ive been stuffing my own pinatas with candy, snack sized chocolate, small treats, giftcards and of course confetti (if you need some ideas)

Perfect for those "who have everything already  and are so hard to buy for".

"Open it, empty it and display it"

Thanks for reading and please share with your friends!

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Take care friends!

DM for more info. More designs to come!

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