Mini Piñatas = BEST GIFT EVER!

 and that is my honest and unbiased opinion

I am not just saying that because I make and sell piñatas, I make and sell piñatas because they are popular and do make for really great gifts (Proven by the fact that they are in demand) I've witnessed firsthand the effect my mini piñatas have on individuals and umm WOW WOW! 

Some would say of course my opinion would be biased, I make money off piñatas! Funny story, I don't actually make piñatas for profit, because trust me... after all things accounted for -fixed, variable, direct, indirect costs, I don't even want to tell you what goes into my pocket. I cannot simply copy and paste my piñatas (that would be nice though), so from start to finish (designing, prepping, assembling and packaging) we are looking at about an hour to an hour and a half PER PINATA of solid straight crafting (DIY piñatas to come for those interested in making their own) Ultimately, I make piñatas because it brings smiles and happiness :)

OK, but the real question here is who would be the perfect piñata recipient to this best gift ever?

If you follow me on social media and read my post from 11/05/2020, you know the answer is that (Super duper honesty time) Piñatas are not for everyone! I repeat NOT FOR EVERYONE!

One thing I learned from my short time making piñatas is that people stick to what they know. So what do we know about piñatas? We collectively know that piñatas are colorful, festive, customizable, filled with surprises and treats and basically scream PARTY TIME (and all other celebratory occasions!) You don't need a real reason to give piñatas, you just need someone who would appreciate it to give it to.

In addition to all the fun piñata qualities mentioned above, I present to you mini piñatas -not your regular large smashy kind. Miniature piñatas are not only aesthetically pleasing (so cute you want to put it in your pocket), they are the perfect size for your friends to display without taking up their entire shelf or pedestal. Ya so go ahead and remind them constantly of the great gifter that you are and take up some room on their shelf (and their heart).

I want you to give a gift that will tug at some heart strings, so lets make sure that you are choosing to right person to give it to for maximal results.

Here is a short and sweet checklist for you to verify whether your friend is the perfect piñata recipient:

  • Handmade product lovers (Firm believer in products that are not mass produced)
  • Loves to support local businesses
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Loves cute adorable things
  • Appreciates thoughtfulness
  • Fond appreciation for craftiness
  • Is a major treat lover - chocolate, candy, anything snackable
  • Thinks outside the box - loves new concepts
  • Environmental lover - piñatas are recyclable (if needed)

So who came to mind? -GET THEM!

Honestly, how cool would you look to someone who meets all the criteria above when you hand them one of these mini gems. Mini piñatas are unique and one of a kind and truthfully not the most common concept of our time yet. A quick spin on what we expect from piñatas already, just gives it a huge boost on the wow factor. The most common response from my recipients is "I can't believe you made this". So next time you hear that, you can tell your friends and family "yeah I know someone who does and its made locally".


Thanks for reading - J


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