Mini Yet Mighty Pinatas!

Someone once told me that if you think you are being followed, turn around abruptly and ask them for the time! (Okay maybe a couple people have told me this...(thanks for always thinking of my safety)

The whole idea is to completely throw them off and confuse the juice out of them. The power of throwing people out of their thinking pattern is strong (We are on to something here folks). Whether it be extreme confusion, or changes on a emotional/mental level, it puts the person in a different space to regroup themselves and an opportunity to change their thinking. 

In this instance, when asked the time question, the stalker may think...

  • oh, damn! they know I am behind them or
  • WHAT IS THE TIME? IS IT DINNER TIME? (that would be me if I were following someone and they asked me the question)

Okay so you are probably wondering why I am even telling you what I just told you!

So you all know that Vancouver Piñatas started once upon a pandemic (2020). I wanted to give awesome gifts to my friends for their quarantine birthday as well as to cheer them up (and it worked!) 

Although everyone is responding differently to the pandemic, some people are taking it harder than others. For some it may feel like its never going to end (I assure you it will end. Everything comes to an end whether its good or bad, the ending might just be different from what we are expecting and that is ok), for some its the feeling of loneliness. Regardless of the reason, this pandemic is taking a toll on a number of us and its going to take the rest of us to make sure they are ok.

Recently I have been giving away mini piñatas to those who need it to happy surprise attack their pandemic grief. As you know, laughter is the best medicine and it all starts with a smile. (I also got some happy tears as well). I always write a little note along the lines of "Hey thinking about you, I am here for you!" (It all translates to "it will get better soon" without actually saying the words - Unfortunately not everyone is ready to hear that).

These mini piñatas are not the answer to everything - but they are just so out of the ordinary, it brings an element or surprise and awe to those who receive it. When people say "oh what, I've never seen anything like this before", it shifts their focus and attention from the pandemic to something more in the moment, meanwhile you are still acknowledging their feelings towards the pandemic. I just love love love seeing peoples reaction when they first lay eyes on these mini yet mighty piñatas.

Just remember, mini gestures can have a mighty impact - go you go!!! Off with you to put some smile on others faces regardless of what you choose to do. GOOD ON YOU!

If you need help coming up with ideas - try my new ENCOURAGE-MINT PINATA. Available soon on my website :) Please check back!

So here's to continuing the great tradition of distributing joy and happiness to everyone who may or may not even realize they need it with new and cute concepts. 



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